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2020 promises to be an exciting election year.  My campaign is aimed at making effective change and seeking the involvement of a broad group of people with different backgrounds and skills eager to help me in these goals.


What you can do: 2020 will be a unique year, given the COVID-19 pandemic. You can help me get on the ballot by downloading and signing nomination papers. 

Nomination Papers

As the election gets closer the need for volunteers with certain skills and determination will be needed. By providing information about yourself here, you're saying that you're looking to get involved, and your information will be accessible to the Hintz for Assembly campaign. You can always stop by the Winnebago Democratic Headquarters at: 480 N Main St., Oshkosh WI  

What needs to be done: Our campaign's success will depend on everyone's involvement.  This website aims to be updated regularly with tools and resources to assist you in making an impact on this race.  


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